Industrial grade single parameter air quality monitor

The AQBot by Oizom allows industries to monitor just what’s crucial for them, from Methane (CH4), PM2.5, or any other toxic gas, this tool allows to monitor just that specific parameter, thereby making significant savings.

With its revolutionary design, the AQBot offers end-to-end dats encryption, data backup and a seamless integration capability.

Want to know more?

Wide range of parameters

Compact design 

Real-time data


On-device display

Wired and wireless communication

Data analytics software

Internal data storage

Alerts and notifications 

Dedicated support

Exclusive distribution in the United States by Inteccon

AQBot usecases

Industrial Fenceline

Comprehensively assets the environmental impact of industrial activities and monitor emissions and gas leaks on real-time.

Environmental Automation

Improve environmental process control by monitoring air pollution, odour and others,


Monitor odour intensity and regulate emissions on time.

Industrial EHS

Conduct environmental audits and improve ESG.

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