Inteccon Inc and Torso Borea Corporation work together to prevent cervical injuries and improve ergonomics in the mining industry with the The Human Vibration Exposure Monitoring System.

The Human Vibration Exposure Monitoring System has significantly reduced cervical injuries among Mining Company vehicle operators. The system is regarded as a vital tool for optimizing mine tracks and ensuring proper driving ergonomics.

In general, vehicle operators in a mining operation are exposed to a variety of occupational agents that might have an impact on their health and ergonomics while driving, including noise, dust, vibrations, diesel particles, and so on. Within this group of occupational agents, vibration exposure stands out as one of the most invasive and dangerous agents for those in charge of operating automobiles.

In 2017, the company emphasized the technological necessity to be able to assess and monitor in real time the vibrations to which the operators of their vehicles are subjected due to the occupational danger that existed at the time. The project goal was to be able to alert in real time when the Occupational Safety and Health Department’s exposure safety levels were exceeded.

TORSA’s objectives for this new technological development challenge were as follows:

  • Ability to remotely monitor and analyze vibration data in real time.
  • Configurable network parameters to adapt to any network deployment.
  • Robustness and degree of protection according to the mining environment
  • Certification of the system to be developed according to the ISO 8041 standard.
  • Integration of GPS technology for traceability of vibration data with positioning
  • The conclusion: The development of a system that enables for real-time remote monitoring of human vibration exposure has opened up a new paradigm in the measurement of occupational health agents and risks. TORSA’s Human Vibration Exposure System provides a revolutionary measuring and analysis system with 100% dependability, real-time vibration exposure monitoring, and no need for extrapolations or unrepresentative estimates. Furthermore, by providing the system with the robustness required for a difficult environment such as that found in a mining operation, it permits the equipment to operate 24 hours a day without being harmed by external agents (dust, rain, etc.).

Inteccon Inc and Torso Borea Corporation collaborated to create the Human Vibration Exposure Monitoring System, which reduced cervical injuries among Mining Company vehicle operators. The system monitors real-time vibrations that drivers are exposed to while operating vehicles in mining operations, providing alerts when exposure safety levels are exceeded. The system has robustness and is certified to meet ISO 8041 standards. It is a revolutionary measuring and analysis system, which operates 24/7 in harsh mining environments without being damaged by external agents like dust and rain. This technology improves ergonomic conditions for mining industry workers, ensuring proper driving ergonomics, and optimizing mine tracks.