Oizom, an Inteccon partner, is monitoring a flood and weather in Colombia.

A company operating in the Water & Waste sector provides assistance to the Colombian Natural Disaster Risk Management. Colombia is a transcontinental country spanning South America and North America. According to estimates for 2020, it will have a population of more than 50 million people and thousands of different species. Its natural climate ranges up to more than 40 degrees Celsius, and it is vulnerable to a number of natural disasters, including flooding, storms, tornadoes, and other calamities. In 2019, this caused severe losses for 45,120 families and even family fatalities. In addition to 18 hospitals, 491 highways, 43 bridges, and 20,000 residences were also damaged.  In regions of Colombia like Monteria, Canalete, Cotoca Arriba, Cielo Azul, Puerto Libratar, Tierralta, and Chinu where natural calamities like floods, torrential rain, and tornadoes frequently occur, thousands of people call these places home. It was crucial for the government agency to develop a weather monitoring system that can run independently on solar power in order to protect the populace from such natural disasters. They lacked a notification system that would allow authorities to be alerted in real time anytime the river’s water levels exceeded safe levels.

The Solution:

Oizom and Cercam provided the UNGRD with 50 Weathercom units for real-time accurate monitoring of temperature, humidity, UV rays, light intensity, wind direction, wind speed, flood monitoring, rainfall, and other air quality data. Weathercom is equipped with an IP66 rated casing that can withstand the country’s extreme weather conditions.

It can also operate entirely on solar power. Weathercom is coupled with Envizom, Oizom’s Data Analytics & Visualization Platform, and can properly analyze humidity, rainfall, flood, and water levels in the river. It can provide a graphical depiction of past data for better comprehension and assist authorities in accurately forecasting weather. It also contains an Alerts module that may notify authorities via SMS or email when the weather or water levels exceed a certain threshold.


With Oizom’s robust, smart, and precise automatic weather stations installed all around the nation, the UNGRD is equipped to alert the public in the event of any oncoming natural disasters. Envizom has assisted the authorities in obtaining comprehensive historical data on the various meteorological and air quality factors. This has aided them in making informed judgments to protect thousands of lives and the properties of those individuals from harm or loss by assisting them in forecasting potential floods and other natural catastrophes across the nation.

Information from https://oizom.com/case-study/flood-and-weather-monitoring-in-colombia/