Crystalline silica is a common danger in the mining industry. Most mining operations produce large quantities of crystalline silica, which can be harmful to employees’ health.

Traditional Industrial Hygiene monitoring tools had been used for many years to track silica exposures at a gold mining location in Zacatecas, Mexico. Nevertheless, it takes so long to analyze these samples that it is difficult to determine the true exposures and take prompt protective measures for their employees.

A correlation between respirable dust levels and silica exposure was found at this mining location using monitoring data from the previous five years of operations (more than 1,100 samples). They were able to switch to real-time monitoring thanks to this correlation to obtain quick results and take action.

This customer’s real-time monitoring network was created with assistance from Inteccon Mexico. The network that monitors the crucial operations for silica exposures in real time was built using four TSI Environmental Dusttraks. Instruments can be operated in a variety of environmental situations thanks to the Environmental Dusttraks enclosures, even in harsh locations. Additionally, these instruments can create alarms to notify all management levels within the firm to take quick action when silica exposures are beyond the permitted limits. The information is collected in real time and shown in a web application (Environnet). Also, the customer chose TSI AM520 Sidepacks to collect personal samples of respirable dust in real time. This information may be used to determine silica exposure levels.

These individual samples also assisted the client in improving the correlation over time to ensure that the findings of the real-time monitoring were accurate. Engineering controls are assessed for effectiveness using TSI Dusttrak’s DRX. Finally, to assess the indoor air quality for PM2.5 particles, TSI AirAssure PM2.5 sensors were installed in administrative buildings. This mining site was able to adopt administrative controls and enhance HVAC filtration systems to lower PM2.5 levels inside the buildings thanks to the data collected by these AirAssure sensors.

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