Real-time odour emission tracking solution

Odosense by Oizom detects, measures, and monitors odourful gaseous contaminants, and it was designed for places like wastewater facilities, landfill sites, and fertilizer factories. These are places where unexpected odors can arise, causing discomfort to nearby residents.

This powerful tool can dеtеct odourful paramеtеrs likе Sulfur Dioxidе (SO2), Hydrogеn sulfidе (H2S), Ammonia (NH3), Mеthyl Mеrcaptan (CH3SH), TVOC (Bеnzеnе, Toluеnе, and Xylеnе), along with еnvironmеntal paramеtеrs likе light, UV, tеmpеraturе, and humidity.


Want to know more?

Patented technology for higher data accuracy.

Weather resistant.

Solar powered with battery backup.

Security system to avoid tampering / malfunction / sabotage.

Retrofit design for ease implementation.

Automatically upgradeable from a central server.

Solar powered with battery backup.

Security system to avoid tampering / malfunction / sabotage.

Compact, can be installed at 12-15 feet

Real-time data collection.

Made of high-grade engineering-metal and composite polymers.

Supports connectivity options like GSM / GPRS/ WiFi/ LoRa/ NBIot/ Ethernet / Modbus.

Unique identity and geo-tagging through wireless configuration.

On-site device calibration.

Exclusive distribution in the United States by Inteccon

Odosense usecases


Monitoring odour intensity at waste water treatment plants can help regulate odour emission by appropriate maintenance on time.


Diffusion of odorful gases from landfills can create nuisance in the neighborhood. The odour level can be monitored to carry out precautionary steps.


It helps operators assess the impacts of odours from their livestock operations and develop and implement the best strategies to reduce emissions and their impact.


Odourful gaseous emission from industries like agro-chemical, pharmaceutical, paper-pulp, sugar, etc. can be monitored to make data-driven measures for minimizing their fatal effect.

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