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Accurate and affordable air quality monitoring solutions

Polludrone by Oizom is a modern solution for accurate air quality monitoring, designed for various industries and government agencies seeking to improve air quality management. 

With its advance technology and easy-to-use-interface, Polludrone provides reliable data insights to support decision-making and proactive environmental stewardship. 

Want to know more?

Patented technology for higher data accuracy.

Security system to avoid tampering, malfunction or sabotage.

Retrofit design for ease implementation.

Automatically upgradeable from a central server.

Compact, can be installed at 12-15 feet

Supports connectivity options like GSM / GPRS/ WiFi/ LoRa/ NBIot/ Ethernet / Modbus.

Internal data storage capacity up to 8 GB or 90 days.

Real-time data collection.

On-site device calibration.

Weather resistant.

Unique identity and geo-tagging through wireless configuration.

Solar powered with battery backup.

Measures multiple ambient parameters including PM1, PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2, SO2, NO2, O3, and H2S

Exclusive distribution in the United States by Inteccon

Polludrone usecases

Smart City

Pollution monitoring at strategic locations in a smart city empowers city authorities to obtain actionable insights for pollution control.

Roads and Highways

Pollution monitoring at roads and tunnel can help create pollution mitigation action plan to control vehicular emissions.

Smart Campus

Pollution monitoring at determine locations on campus allows to spread awareness about environmental conditions.


Pollution and noise monitoring at taxiways and terminal surroundings facilitates airport authorities to analyze its impct on travelers and neighborhoods. 

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