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3DATX Corporation, based in Buffalo, NY, specializes in manufacturing next-generation emissions measurement technologies for the transportation and power generation markets. Their focus is on producing accurate, low-cost, and lightweight portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) that facilitate field testing, industry and academic research, and regulatory compliance screening on a large scale.

One of the notable features of the 3DATX iPEMS (integrated Portable Emissions Measurement System) is its Modular Sensor Cartridge design. This design offers significant advantages. In particular, the 3DATX parSYNC® stands out as the industry’s only commercially available Particulate Measurement unit with field calibration capabilities, such as the CA/GE™ System.

The company’s miniaturized multi-chamber and replaceable sensor cartridges are unique and offer users the ability to hot-swap sensors while in the field. This eliminates downtime and provides a substantial advantage in terms of the number of tests that can be completed each day. This feature allows for efficient and continuous testing without the need to wait for sensor calibration or replacement.

By providing accurate and portable emissions measurement systems with modular sensor cartridges, 3DATX enables practical and scalable field testing, research, and regulatory compliance. Their technologies contribute to the advancement of emissions monitoring and help organizations in the transportation and power generation sectors meet environmental standards and improve overall emissions control.

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