The 30.5 Sonic Anemometer is designed for ambient wind sensing in harsh environments and industrial applications as a direct replacement for conventional mechanical propeller and cup anemometers, both in terms of performance and cost. The 30.5 requires no periodic maintenance or calibration.

This rugged sensor operates on the principle of measurement of the speed of sound in air. All-new and built to last, this anemometer utilizes the latest solid-state technology, conserving power, size, and weight, with a power consumption of less than 0.5 W. An optional high-precision compass calibration is available to improve accuracy to ±3 degrees.

The 30.5 is compact, measuring only 6 inches in diameter and 11 inches high, including the mounting stem. The body is slender and aerodynamic, assuring minimal turbulence in the measured air stream. Measurement interference is further reduced by the transducers’ location, positioned out of the measurement air stream. This placement also increases the sensor’s reliability, and longevity as dust, debris, snow, and rain will not directly impact the transducers.

The unit is field configurable through a very user-friendly software interface, accessed through a serial port.

Standard digital outputs for the 30.5 Sonic Anemometer are RS-232, RS-485, and MODBUS RTU, which can easily interface to Met One Instruments, Inc. or other commonly available data acquisition systems. A 0-1 VDC analog output is also standard. With an integrated internal compass, the wind direction output for the sensor automatically calibrates to magnetic north.