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An ir quality monitoring system designed to monitor multiple ambient parameters, including PM1, PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2, SO2, NO2, O3, 
and H2S, along with ambient noise, light, UV, temperature, and humidity.

Precision calibration made simple

The MesaLabs Defender family offers exceptional accuracy and convenience, making it the ideal choice for flow verification in occupational health and environmental applications.


Flow Range: 5-500 cc/min to 300-30000 cc/min

Real-Time Data Display with Softcal Software

ISO 17025 Traceable Calibration Certificate


Introducing our versatile line of occupational health and safety products, specifically curated to cater to diverse applications across industries.

Sound & Vibration: Understanding the Importance of Health and Occupational Safety

Sound and vibration are two important aspects of the environment that can greatly impact our health and well-being.

Gas detection

As a health and occupational safety expert, it is crucial to understand the importance of gas detection systems in various industries.

Air quality monitoring
The air we breath at indoor spaces can be more contaminate that we believe, lets know the air we breath.
Water quality

The quality of water has become a major concern due to the impact of human activities on the environment.

Electromagnetic Fields and Radiations

We are increasingly surrounded by devices that emit various forms of electromagnetic radiation.

Ventilation and Critical Space Testing

Ventilation and air conditioning systems are critical for regulating temperature, humidity and pressure in buildings.

Occupational Health and Safety
Best technology for protect your workers again their daily risks and preserve their health

Product Categories

Inteccon offers a comprehensive range of occupational health and safety products for various industries and applications.

Sound level meters

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    Beliefs & Capabilities

    Proactive Response
    Our job is to respond to our customers proactively, we do not wait for the client to come to us to receive information, we are the ones who keep our clients informed of the service or product that has been acquired with us.
    Calibration laboratory network
    Inteccon Inc. acknowledges the importance for our customers of having calibration and maintenance service locally. We have our own laboratories and allied laboratory network to provide these services in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Most of our laboratories are accredited under ISO 17025 or are in the process of accreditation, as well as we have personnel trained by our suppliers to perform these procedures locally.
    Real technical support
    We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in our products and the markets they serve, our customers always find in us a technical ally and a source of consultation for the different concerns or difficulties that can have using our products.
    Constant training with providers and manufacturers
    Our commercial and technical team is in constant trained with our suppliers, every year different technical trainings are made so that our customers feel the manufacturer closer to their operations and have more trained personnel as well as available support assistance in their local language.
    Complete solutions
    We offer integrated solutions for our clients, we supply monitoring and control systems in different markets and industries and we take care that these systems are working and giving results according to the client's final needs and specifications.
    Technical sales advice
    We are a company that advises our customers, we always seek to understand your need and offer in our proposal the product or products that really respond to this need and that comply with the technical guidelines that really require to make your measurements professionally and correctly.
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    At Inteccon, our customers’ satisfaction is of utmost importance. See what our valued customers have to say about our top-quality occupational health and safety products, and how they have benefited from our commitment to excellence.

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