The Model 8130A Automated Filter Tester is the leading option for evaluating particulate respirator filters, disposable filtering face pieces, and various types of filter media. For over two decades, TSI filter testers have been a trusted choice among top filter and filter media manufacturers and testing institutions worldwide. Their durability and reliability in demanding manufacturing settings and quality control laboratories have earned them a reputation as the best solution for testing filters.

Based on TSI’s established Model 8130, currently the most widely used filter tester in the world, the Model 8130A now offers increased sensitivity and resolution: up to 99.9999 percent efficiency has been produced with emery oil at concentrations of 200mg/m³. New serviceable photometers are lowering the cost of ownership and allow for proactive maintenance scheduling for minimal impact on production schedules. The 8130A features a high degree of automation and self-diagnostics that greatly simplify operation, increase throughput, and improve overall measurement performance. When looking for an independent tester to determine filter penetration or efficiency and pressure drop of your media, filter cartridges, filters, and respirator masks, the Model 8130A is up to the challenge.

  • Test bench for filters according to US 42 CFR 84, GB2626, JMOL, ISO 16900-3, EN 143/EN149, EN13274-7, ISO 23328-1 among others.
  • Filter efficiency measurement up to 99.9999%
  • Pressure drop measurement
  • Adjustable volumetric flow from 10 to 110 L/min
  • Two laser photometers, one upstream and one downstream of the filter media to accurately determine the filtration efficiency according to protocols and type of filter to be tested.
  • Tests with both oils and salts depending on the aerosol that needs to be generated.
  • Automated tests
  • Color screen and RS 232 connection port
  • Pneumatic system and integrated sampling pump
  • Test bench for adjustable filter
  • AC operation