The 9025-XPS Portable Breathing Air Monitoring System is designed to ensure the safety and quality of breathing air in compressor systems. With its electrochemical sensors for monitoring Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Oxygen (O2), the system provides real-time readings of the air conditions, allowing users to quickly detect any harmful levels of CO and ensure that the air is breathable. The system also features an optional three-stage filtration panel that removes particulate matter, oil vapors, and hydrocarbons from the air line. The compact, portable design, combined with the 2-digit LCD display, audible and visual alarms, and low pressure alarm make this system an ideal solution for monitoring the quality of breathing air in any compressor or air system.

  • Electrochemical sensor for measuring Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the range of 0-100 ppm.
  • Electrochemical sensor for measuring Oxygen (O2) in a range of 0-25% Vol.
  •  Efficient three-stage filtration panel option for removal of particulate matter, oil vapors and hydrocarbons from the airline.
  • 2-digit 0.5” LCD display
  •  Audible and visual alarm set at 10 ppm CO, 19.5% and 23.5% Vol. Oxygen.
  •  High pressure connection 70 to 150 psi Hanson ¼”
  • Connection for up to 2 users through 25 CFM outlets
  •  Low pressure alarm
  •  12 VDC operation for up to 24 hours with a 2-hour charge cycle