The AirCon 2 Air Sampler System is a powerful environmental air tester used to collect samples in high volumes from 2 to 30 LPM both indoors and outdoors. It is equipped with performance features that industrial hygienist need, such as a simple installation, compact size, battery pack, programmable timing functions and portability. The unit can work with alternating current when using the optional power module. The AirCon 2 high-volume air conditioning system consists of a positive displacement pump with unique patented regulator system that maintains a constant flow of air for the removal of particulate matter in the air, dangerous octopus and low concentration contaminants through the use of different types of filters. The AirCon 2 is an excellent option for monitoring contaminants at low levels on the air that require greater sensitivity such as asbestos, breathable octopus among others.

  • Personal digital muestro pump with flow from 2 to 30 LPM
  • Fall mode alert
  • Withstands vacuum pressure up to 7 psi visible on your LCD screen
  • Show programming functions up to three autonomous show routines up to 99 hours
  • Compact design with LCD screen showing flow in real time, battery level and alarms due to fall in the museum
  • 12 V DC rechargeable battery for minimum 8 hours of operation