AutoMet 580 and the Model 136 MultiMet Interface Module from Met One Instruments, Inc. It seems that both of these devices are designed to collect and transmit data from meteorological and particulate air sensors.

The AutoMet 580 appears to be a complete data logger with a front panel display that can accept input from a range of sensors. It features Ethernet and MODBUS connectivity and is compatible with Met One’s COMET, Air Plus, and WeatherView software.

The Model 136 MultiMet Interface Module, on the other hand, is designed to be quickly connected to a variety of sensors and can output data in both analog and digital formats. It has 12 independent, 16-bit voltage output channels and can function as a user-configurable signal translator for connection to other recording systems, data loggers, and PLCs. It also has user-configurable statistical calculations available and alarm outputs that can be used in either single or combined logic output.

Both of these devices seem to offer a range of options for collecting and transmitting meteorological and air quality data.