The Certifier™ Plus Interface Module connects to and powers the Certifier™ Plus High Flow and Low Flow Modules. The touchscreen display on the interface module is used to the control the Certifier™ Plus Test System and display measurement readings and breath waveforms in graphical form.

the Certifier™ Plus Flow Analyzer system. It seems like a versatile and portable tool for testing various medical equipment. The Certifier™ Plus Interface Module 4089-F includes a range of accessories, including an oxygen sensor kit, power supply, battery, and adapters, making it convenient to use in different regions and settings. The 5-inch color touchscreen and user configurations enable efficient operation, and the data logging and export features allow for data analysis and reporting. The modular design of the Certifier™ Plus with the interface display separated from the measurement module and connected by a coiled cable seems like an innovative approach to lower service costs and increase testing “up time.