An all-in-one, benchtop flow analyzer capable of testing virtually all models of ventilators: adult, pediatric, anesthesia, neonatal, and high-frequency. It can also test a variety of other medical equipment such as anesthesia gas delivery machines, air-oxygen blenders, medical insufflators, oxygen concentrators, CPAPs, and other devices with pneumatic gas flows.

The Certifier Pro Flow Analyzer is a versatile pneumatic test instrument that enables users to measure various test parameters. Its bi-directional flow sensors provide precise and fast gas flow measurements with low pressure drop, which is especially important in medical applications where accurate measurements of airflow are critical.

This analyzer can measure 28 different parameters, including high flow and low flow measurements, pressures, oxygen concentration, and temperature. The Certifier Pro Flow Analyzer also allows users to graph data in real-time, enabling them to quickly visualize test results and identify any anomalies.

One of the key features of the Certifier Pro Flow Analyzer is its ability to measure using various gas conditions, such as STP, ATP, BTPS, BTPD, or user-defined gas conditions. This enables users to make accurate measurements under different conditions, which is especially important in medical research and testing.

The analyzer is also capable of measuring breath rates up to 1500 bpm, which makes it suitable for a range of respiratory applications. With its advanced features, the Certifier Pro Flow Analyzer is an ideal tool for researchers, clinicians, and engineers working in the medical field.

The Certifier™ Pro Flow Analyzer seems like a versatile and powerful device for measuring a variety of respiratory parameters. Its ability to measure 28 different test parameters, including flow rate, tidal volumes, pressures, and gas temperature, makes it a useful tool for healthcare providers and researchers. The device’s flow accuracy of 1.75% of reading and fast rate of response are impressive, and the ability to measure breath rates up to 1500 bpm is also noteworthy. The included oxygen sensor, high flow and low flow inlet filters, and airway pressure fitting and tubing, as well as the rechargeable battery and ventilator hanger clip, make this a comprehensive kit that is ready to use right out of the box. The 5-inch color touchscreen and intuitive user interface appear to be user-friendly, and the ability to save measurement data and screenshots via USB export is a useful feature. The durable design and extended warranty also add value to this product.