Chromatotec offers an online chromatograph that analyzes total sulfides and other compounds such as SO2, CS2, H2S, mercaptans, and sulfides, using the flame photometric detector (FPD) principle with hydrogen/air as the carrier gas. The chromatograph detects compounds at a range of 4 ppb to 5 ppm (low range) or 100 ppb to 100 ppm (high range) with a detection limit of 7 ppb. The chromatograph features a robust, high-resistance capillary column and is compliant with ISO standard 19739:2004. The instrument includes an integrated computer with a screen for data visualization and control, as well as VistaCHROM software for data recording, calculation, and export. The chromatograph can be calibrated using permeation tubes or gas cylinders and has options for analog outputs, Modbus output, and accessories such as nitrogen generators and zero air.