Fixed gas sensor for monitoring toxic gases, vapors and highly sensitive fuels. its Chemisorption technology with fast response and long sensor life makes it a practical solution for monitoring compounds such as Acetone, Dichloromethane, Natural Gas, Ethanol, Ethylene, Methane, Butane, Hexane, Nonano among many others. Its technology gives durability at a low cost and immediate response to several of the most common gases in the industry:

  • Sensors through chemisorption technology for toxic gases, vapors and fuels.
  • Toxic gases such as Ammonia (NH3), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) among others
  • Several ranges available for gas to be measured
  • High durability of the sensor.
  • Operation through 10-30 VDC current
  • Easy to use and low cost.
  • Output signal of 4-20 mA or 0.2-1 mA