DI220 – the GfG Automatic Calibration Station for Micro IV Gas Monitors provides reliable assurance of data and correct operation of gas monitors during operation. It allows recording of verification/calibration, periodic testing with minimal standard gas usage, and prevents malfunctioning equipment from leaving the field. The station is compatible with Micro IV models and can perform verification tests, standard gas calibration, zero air, response time, alarm activation, and visual/audible alarm verification. It has inputs for connecting up to 1 gas cylinder, operates on AC power, and generates reports and calibration tests for all equipment used in the station.

Automatic test station compatible with monitors for 1 gas of the Micro IV family of the GfG brand, providing data assurance and ensuring the correct functioning of the gas monitors during their operation. It is a control tool that allows, among other things, to record the verifications/calibrations of the instruments, to verify their correct operation, to carry out periodic tests with the least expenditure of standard gas and to prevent incorrectly functioning equipment from going out to the field. The station does its job autonomously, calibrating multiple pieces of equipment with different gas settings at the push of a button:

  • Automatic calibration station for use with GfG Micro IV models.
  • Allows verification tests (Bump Test), Calibration with standard gas, Zero air, Response time (T90), alarm activation verification, visual alarm verification and audible alarm.
  •  Inputs for connection of up to 1 gas cylinder.
  •  Allows calibration and test (Bump test) automatically.
  • Minimal use of calibration gas providing the lowest operating cost in the market.
  • Operation by AC current.
  • Generation of reports and calibration tests of all the equipment used in the station.