The DP-Calc™ Micromanometer 8715 is one of the most advanced, versatile, and easy-to-use micromanometers on the market today.

The 8715 is a versatile and accurate micromanometer that can measure pressure, velocity, and flow, and is suitable for a variety of applications such as HVAC system testing, cleanroom testing, and energy efficiency studies. It features an auto-zeroing pressure sensor that enhances measurement resolution and accuracy, and an automatic density correction that further improves reading accuracy. The menu structure is intuitive, making it easy to operate, and it comes with integrated Log-Tchebycheff duct traverse application that simplifies calculations. The instrument has Bluetooth communications for data transfer or remote polling and accommodates optional probes for use in different applications. The large graphic display with backlight offers an easy-to-use interface and can display up to five measurements simultaneously. The device is programmed for multiple languages, and it comes with downloading software and USB cable, and a NIST-traceable calibration certificate. Please note that this model is not available in North America, and you should see the Alnor Micromanometer EBT730 for availability in this region.