Dustroid is a Continuous Air Particulate Monitoring system designed to measure the concentration of dust particulates in the ambient air. With the ability to monitor various sizes of particulates ranging from 1 micron to 100 microns, Dustroid is ideal for dust surveys in areas with dust-laden activities such as construction, mining, quarrying, ports, and metallurgical processes. The Dustroid measures all major particulate matter including PM1, PM2.5, PM10, PM100, temperature, and humidity. The monitor uses innovative e-breathing technology for higher data accuracy and is equipped with a laser beam to count particulate matter. With network-agnostic connectivity options, Dustroid offers real-time monitoring and data transfer through GSM, WiFi, LoRa, NBIoT, and Ethernet. The collected data can be visualized on the Oizom IoT Terminal in real-time and is weatherproof with an IP65 grade enclosure. Dustroid is also solar-powered and offers 3-level calibration for even greater accuracy.

Particle analyzers use various technologies to detect and measure the size and concentration of particles in the air. These technologies include laser diffraction, light scattering, electrical mobility, and sedimentation. The analyzer works by drawing in air and exposing it to a laser or light source, which is used to detect the size and concentration of particles in the air. The information gathered by the analyzer is then processed and displayed in real-time, allowing for continuous monitoring of particle size and concentration. By providing real-time data, particle analyzers help industries and environmental organizations make informed decisions about air quality, and can assist in identifying and mitigating potential air quality issues.