Met One Instruments E-BAM is a portable real-time beta gauge designed for accurate and precise measurement of fine particulate matter, and that it is built to satisfy users, regulators, and health and safety communities. It operates on AC or DC power, has solar power options available, and is capable of continuous monitoring with automatic reporting of concentration data. The E-BAM is also lightweight, rugged, and easily deployable in hostile environments without the need for an exterior enclosure. It can be supplied and used with either TSP, PM10, PM2.5 or PM1 inlets, and has digital, analog and alarm outputs available. Additionally, it has selectable criteria for data validation and data can be easily retrieved using a range of communication options.


  • Accuracy and precision consistent with U.S. EPA requirements for Class III PM2.5 and PM10 measurement.
  • Real-time, accurate results without correction factors — regardless of season or geographic location.
  • Ambient sampling provides accurate measurement of semi-volatile nitrates and organic compounds.
  • Lightweight, rugged construction is easily mounted on a tripod in minutes.
  • All-weather construction allows for true ambient sampling.
  • Operates on AC or DC power. Solar power options available.