E-FRM-DC sampler from Met One Instruments, Inc. is a versatile and reliable single-event filter sampler for determining daily PM2.5 or PM10 particulate concentrations in ambient air. Its innovative design and unique features make it an ideal choice for both fixed and portable ambient particulate sampling applications. With the ability to be configured for PM10, TSP, PM1, and PM2.5, the E-FRM-DC is a premier single event sampler in the industry of particulate collection.

The E-FRM-DC sampler is easy to set up and deploy, making it suitable for either permanent long-term sampling at a fixed site or as an audit sampler for frequent relocation. The instrument is equipped with modern components, innovative design, and state-of-the-art manufacturing practices that make it the preferred choice for environmental monitoring, perimeter sampling, and industrial monitoring.

The E-FRM-DC user interface is a full-color, 4.3″ graphical touchscreen that utilizes intuitive control. The touchscreen was specifically developed to satisfy the recommendations of instrumentation operators. Data can be retrieved through any serial compatible data acquisition system or easily downloaded and transported with the filter on a USB drive.