E-SEQ-FRM Reference Method, which is a sampling method for particulate matter monitoring. The E-SEQ-FRM meets the regulatory requirements for PM2.5, PM10, and PM10-2.5 sampling methods and can accommodate up to sixteen 47-mm diameter filter samples. The device can be pre-programmed to a flexible, user-defined sampling schedule, allowing for more than two weeks of unattended daily operation.

The E-SEQ-FRM is designed to be modular, with easy disassembly and transportability from one site to another. The compact size and small footprint allow it to be moved in and out of locations with challenging ingress/egress. No disassembled component, including the system box, stand, or inlet assembly, weighs more than 45 lb.

The E-SEQ-FRM features an intuitive event manager that allows for programming of up to 16 independent sampling events. Optional modem/communication packages also enable remote access of stored data via RS-232 interface. Additionally, data can be quickly and easily retrieved with a USB flash drive.