Online chromatograph for continuous analysis of sulfur compounds in natural gas and gaseous fuels using the cell-specific electrochemical principle for sulfur compounds in ppm and ppb levels. Ideal for monitoring processes in the petrochemical industry, transportation of natural gas, industrial processes, and more. This chromatograph utilizes a long-lasting patented electrochemical wet cell for the detection of sulfur and mercaptan compounds with a detection range of 5 ppb to 1000 ppb or 1-1000 ppm. It meets industry standards such as DIN 51855/7, ISO 19739:2004, and ASTM D 7493-08. With a robust metal capillary column and low maintenance technology, this chromatograph has an integrated computer with a screen for data visualization and instrument configuration. The VistaCHROM software allows for data recording, viewing, and calculation, and the instrument can be calibrated using permeation tubes or gas cylinders. Optional accessories include nitrogen generators, zero air, and multiplexer for multiple point measurements.