The G999S is a versatile gas detection device that comes with specialized combination sensors for monitoring methane in different measuring ranges. These sensors, such as the CC/TC1 or CC/TC/SC2, allow for measurements in various applications like natural gas pipelines, sewers, and storage basins.

The combination sensors enable measurements not only in the common range of 0 to 100% LEL (0 to 5.0% vol.) but also in wider ranges of 0 to 10,000 ppm or 0 to 100% vol. This flexibility allows the device to adapt to different scenarios and detect methane concentrations accurately.

In addition to the methane sensors, the G999S offers four additional sensor slots. These slots can accommodate up to three electrochemical sensors for toxic gases, oxygen, and hydrogen. Furthermore, there is an infrared sensor specifically designed for detecting CO2 and combustible gases (LEL).

To ensure comprehensive gas monitoring, the G999S is equipped with a powerful integrated pump. This pump enables the detection of even the smallest gas leaks and facilitates gas concentration monitoring in inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas. It can be used with a suction hose or a telescopic rod, depending on the specific requirements of the environment.

The G999S also provides the option for data transmission to the TeamLink platform through an optional radio module. This functionality allows for the sending of measured values, alarms, and status information to a centralized system for remote monitoring and analysis.

To summarize, the G999S is a sophisticated gas detection device that utilizes catalytic combustion (CC), thermal conductivity (TC), and semiconductor (SC) measuring principles. It offers versatile sensor combinations for methane monitoring and additional slots for toxic gases, oxygen, hydrogen, CO2, and combustible gases. The integrated pump enables reliable leak detection and monitoring in challenging locations, and the optional radio module facilitates data transmission to the TeamLink platform for centralized monitoring and analysis.

The Polytector III G999S portable gas detector is specifically designed for personal protection against multiple gases. It allows simultaneous detection of up to 8 gases, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including confined space analysis and leak detection.

One of the key features of the G999S is its unique sensor configuration. It is equipped with combined CC/TC or CC/TC/SC sensors, which enable the measurement of methane in both low and high concentrations. This makes the device particularly useful for sampling natural gas pipelines, biogas plants, and any other environment where there may be potential methane dangers.

The measuring range of the CC/TC or CC/TC/SC sensor can be easily adjusted with the push of a button, providing flexibility and adaptability to different measurement requirements. This allows the device to accurately detect methane concentrations in a wide range of scenarios.

In leak detection mode, the G999S employs an acoustic signal to assist in locating even the smallest methane leaks. This feature enhances the reliability of the device in identifying potential leakages and ensuring prompt response to mitigate risks.

Overall, the Polytector III G999S portable gas detector offers comprehensive personal protection against multiple gases. Its unique sensor configuration, combined with the ability to analyze confined spaces and detect leaks, makes it an ideal choice for various applications where methane detection is crucial.