The Gilian 800i is a powerful personal air pump for applications that require a flow rate from 200 to 800 cc/min and back pressures up to 80 inches H2O. Gilian 800i is an ideal solution for volatile organic compounds (VOC) monitoring applications that use thermal desorption tubes, including modified versions of the NIOSH 2549 and EPA TO-17 method at higher flow rates to improve sensitivity. The Gilian 800i works with a non-memory NiMH battery pack that provides operating times of more than 0 hours and fast charge in less than four hours. The pump is controlled by a lockable keyboard linked to a digital menu interface. If you can program intermittent work cycles for programmed work, start with a delay or a four-step program with repeated cycles. It counts with intrinsically safe certification for its use in areas classified as hazardous and that complies with the EN 1232 Type-G standard for the personalized performance of the museum pump in work environments. The Gilian 800i pump is an ideal solution for measuring low and medium flows, especially for museums with precision organic compounds.

  • Digital pump of personal muestro with flujo of 200-800 cc/min
  • Ideal for displaying organic vapors according to EPA method TO-17
  • Automatic fall mode recovery
  • Withstands vacuum pressures up to 80″ of H2O at 800 cc/min
  • Museum programming, start delay and cycle functions
  • Compact design with LCD screen showing flow in real time, battery level and alarms due to fall in the museum
  • Compliance with the EN 1232 standard for high performance exhibitions in work places
  • NiHM rechargeable battery for at least 8 hours of operation
  • Intrinsically safe ATEX approval