The LFS-113 is a low flow air sampling pump designed for flow rates between 1 cc/min and 350 cc/min. This compact and lightweight pump is ideal for very low flow applications sampling with sorbent tubes and can easily fit inside a shirt pocket. It offers dual mode automatic constant flow or constant pressure control, multi-flow capacity, a flow fault indicator light, and a clock model with elapsed time display, among other features. The LFS-113 is the most powerful and reliable pocket-sized personal air sampler available today, offering two sampling modes, high back-pressure capability, and approvals from UL-US, CSA, C-US, and ATEX.

  • Personal pump for low flows from 1-350 cc/min
  • Modes of operation of constant flow and pressure for one sample or several simultaneous samples
  • Fall mode indicators
  • Digital timer (Optional)
  • NiHM rechargeable battery for at least 8 hours of operation
  • Intrinsically safe approval UL, CSA, C-US, ATEX.