Radiation Alert Monitor 1000EC. It sounds like a highly functional and versatile radiation detector that measures gamma and x-rays. The energy-compensated detector makes it perfect for most applications requiring accurate radiation detection.

The Monitor 1000EC has a variety of features such as the red count light, beeper that sounds with each count detected, and selectable alert, making it easy to use and customize for specific applications. The adjustable timer and selectable readings, such as CPM, CPS, µSv/hr, mR/hr, or accumulated counts, provide additional flexibility for users.

The free Observer USB software and Observer BLE app add further functionality by allowing users to download and store data, set alarms, and even display readings on a mobile device. The range of applications such as X-ray chamber inspection, checking industrial gauges, personal protection, and general surveying demonstrate the versatility of this device.

Overall, the Radiation Alert Monitor 1000EC seems like a reliable and useful tool for those working in fields that require radiation detection and monitoring.