Rapid and sensitive detection of a wide range of gases including Helium, Refrigerants and Hydrogen.

The Panther Gas Leak Detector is a new device in the leak detection industry, designed to detect and locate gas leaks quickly and effectively. It is an improved version of the GasCheck series and offers several features for ease of use and accurate measurements.

To use the Panther, simply hold it in your hand and draw the instrument along the area that needs to be tested, moving at a rate of approximately 25mm per second. The instrument will detect any gas leaks it comes across. When a leak is detected, you can retrace your route at a slower rate to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Once you have located the leak, hold the instrument over it until the measurement stabilizes.

The Panther Gas Leak Detector incorporates a micro thermal conductivity sensor, which enables fast and sensitive detection of various gases. It utilizes an internal piezo pump that provides stable sample flow, making it reliable even in draughty environments. The device has also demonstrated its ability to withstand high electromagnetic field environments, such as MRI scanners, without affecting its performance.

The Panther features ION PC software platform and Bluetooth connectivity, simplifying the setup process and data downloading. Using the integrated Bluetooth system, you can connect the Panther to your computer or mobile device and transfer data seamlessly. The ION PC software allows you to select the desired measurement gas from the internal gas table, assign the unit to a specific operator or inspection area, and choose the preferred language for the operator.

Overall, the Panther Gas Leak Detector combines advanced technology and user-friendly features to provide efficient and accurate gas leak detection capabilities.