The G.Re.T.A. (GeoRestivimeter for Time lapse Analysis) is an advanced instrument for continuous geoelectrical monitoring of large soil sections. It measures changes in soil resistivity over time, which helps in characterizing the soil in terms of water content, presence of cavities, or other anomalies. This system utilizes Electric Resistivity Tomography (ERT), where an electric field is inserted into the ground via input electrodes, and the resulting voltage is measured through other electrodes. By applying Ohm’s second law to these measurements, the soil’s resistivity is determined.

Key Features of G.Re.T.A.

  • Off-the-shelf, easy to install: Designed for straightforward installation and immediate deployment.
  • Remote sensing with Cloud integration: Data visualization and system configuration are accessible via Cloud software, allowing for remote monitoring.
  • Energy autonomous system: Operates independently of external power sources, ensuring continuous functionality.
  • Soil water content calculation: Determines the percentage of water content along the entire monitored profile.
  • Automatic Alarm Messages: Sends notifications when predefined thresholds are exceeded, enabling timely interventions.


G.Re.T.A. is particularly useful for:

  • Monitoring changes in soil moisture content.
  • Detecting the formation of cavities or voids.
  • Identifying other subsurface anomalies.
  • Supporting geotechnical and environmental studies.