Q-Trak Indoor Air Quality Monitor Model 7575 provides quick, accurate information to assess key indoor air quality, or IAQ, parameters.

The ability to simultaneously display CO2, CO, temperature, and humidity measurements, as well as calculating dew point, wet bulb, and percent outside air, make it a versatile tool for IAQ investigations, industrial hygiene surveys, baseline trending and screening, building commissioning, and tracking down emissions to their source.

The large graphic display, which displays up to 5 measurements, and on-screen messages and instructions, make it easy to use and interpret data. The instrument also supports 12 different languages and offers multiple plug-in probe options, including VOCs and air velocity, providing flexibility and customization.

The ability to store up to 39 days of data collected at one-minute log intervals and TRAKPRO™ data analysis software provided for data logging, analysis, and documenting results make it easy to track and analyze data.

The instrument’s Bluetooth communications for transferring data or remote polling add to the convenience and versatility of the instrument. The hard carrying case, AC adapter, and calibration certificate, along with a two-year warranty, make it a reliable and durable tool for indoor air quality monitoring and investigation.

Overall, it seems like a valuable instrument for anyone concerned with providing a comfortable, safe, and healthy indoor environment. For more information on TSI’s Q-Trak Indoor Air Quality Monitors, including instrument literature, a system demonstration, or a quotation, it is recommended to contact TSI directly.