The QuesTemp Thermal Stress Monitor is a device designed for measuring the Thermal Stress Index WBGT using wet bulb sensing technology, in compliance with the ISO 7243 standard. This monitor is equipped with the ability to measure Globe Temperature, Ambient Temperature, Wet Temperature and Wind Speed, making it a comprehensive tool for evaluating heat stress exposure. It also allows for the connection of two additional sets of sensors for measurement at three different levels or in three different areas, providing even greater accuracy. The monitor features real-time measurement for wet bulb, dry bulb, globe temperature and humidity, with the computation of WBGT index. It also has the option for air speed measurement and the ability to connect additional two sensors for head-torso-ankle measurement. The monitor features data logging with configurable intervals, event logging mode and display of stay times according to various standards. The device comes with a software for configuration and data management and has an RS 232 output for PC connection. It is powered by a NiMH rechargeable battery or 9V alkaline battery and has an IP54 protection grade. The device is available in multiple languages.

Heat stress monitor for WBGT heat stress index measurements with wet bulb detection technology to assess exposure to heat stress according to ISO 7243. Instrument capable of measuring global temperature, ambient temperature, wet temperature, and wind speed. It also allows two other sets of sensors to be connected to measure at three levels to determine WBGT at three heights or in three different areas.

  • Real time measurement of the wet bulb, dry bulb, temperature and humidity of the globe with the calculation of the WBGT index
  • Air velocity measurement for complementary indices such as PMV-PPD (Optional for QuesTemp 36)
  • Additional connection of two sensors for simultaneous measurement in head-torso-ankle (optional)
  • Indoor and outdoor computation values ​​of WBGT as well as heat index / HUMIDEX
  • Data logging at configurable intervals with event logging mode (data logging options are for QuesTemp 34/36 only)
  • Display of residence times according to ACGIH TLV, US Navy PHEL and others
  • Software for configuration and management of DMS data.
  • RS 232 output for connection to PC.
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery or 9V alkaline battery
  • Degree of protection IP54
  • Multiple language options