Radiation Alert Frisker. It seems like a highly functional, lightweight, and ergonomic instrument that is designed to meet the demands of today’s radiation personnel for leak testing, surface monitoring, sample screening, and personnel screening.

The Frisker integrates the latest electronics with a proven and dependable Geiger-Mueller detector to provide accurate detection of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation with an assortment of units of measure, customizable alarm levels, and a backlit display. The halogen-quenched GM tube with a thin mica end window provides efficient detection of radiation.

The Frisker has an impressive operating range of up to 50 mR/h and up to 500 µSv/h, making it suitable for a range of applications. It is also highly sensitive, detecting alpha down to 2 MeV, beta down to 0.16 MeV with typical detection efficiency at 1 MeV of approximately 25%, and gamma down to 10 KeV through the detector window. The smallest detectable level for 125I is 0.02 µCi at contact.

Overall, the Radiation Alert Frisker seems like a reliable and useful instrument for personnel working in fields that require radiation detection and monitoring. Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it easy to use single-handedly, and the range of applications and high sensitivity of the detector make it suitable for a variety of tasks.