The Radiation Alert GammaView is a portable radiation detector designed for measuring gamma contamination and exposure. It comes with a 1×1 Nal scintillation detector that provides accurate measurements. The GammaView is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry and operate, making it suitable for use in various environments such as laboratories, facilities, and fields.

One of the unique features of the GammaView is its ability to function as a single-channel analyzer (SCA). This function allows users to set a “window” to focus on a specific energy region of the gamma spectrum, effectively reducing the background count.

The GammaView also includes adjustable timer settings, selectable alerts, on-board memory, Bluetooth connectivity, and free software. It can be used for various applications, including compliance monitoring, environmental monitoring, remote monitoring, health physics, and homeland defense.

Gamma Scintillator Detector
1×1 NaI Scintillation Probe. 2.5 cm (1 in) dia. x 2.5
cm (1 in) thick with C Connector. The GammaView is
optimized for use with the included 1×1 NaI probe.
Or, optional 2×2 NaI(Tl) scintillator, 5.1 cm (2 in.) dia. x 5.1
cm (2 in.) thick
Operating Range
mR/hr – 1 μR/h to 5 mR/h
μSv/hr – 0.001 to 50
CPM – 0 to approx. 875,000
CPS – 0 to approx. 14,584
Total Counts- 999,999