The Radiation Alert® Sentry EC is a portable Personal Alarming Radiation Dosimeter and Rate Meter designed for personnel working in occupations with potential x-ray or gamma exposure. It has a compact size that can be easily carried in a pocket and features an energy-compensated tube that provides a linear response to gamma radiation.

The Sentry EC also has built-in memory for recording data points, enabling the tracking of accumulated exposure over time. Additionally, the unit comes with SentryCom software, which allows users to generate incident reconstruction for analysis.

Users can easily set the vibrating and audio alerts to their desired levels for dose (>1.0 mR/10 µSv) and dose rate (>1.0 mR/hr/10 µSv/hr) using the software. The unit also features an audio switch that allows users to choose between audible clicks with each count received or a discreet silent mode.