Introducing the SMP3 WP400 Temporal 3-in-1 Field Meter, a versatile device that combines broadband measurements (DC to 60 GHz), frequency spectrum analysis (DC to 10 MHz), and static field measurements. This field meter offers advanced features and cutting-edge technology, designed for users who prioritize high-quality measurements, user-friendly operation, and comprehensive reporting tools. With its real-time FFT-based spectrum analysis, Weighted Peak Method (WPM) for automatic limit comparison, and auto-gain function for peak detection, the SMP3 ensures accurate and efficient EMF exposure assessment. The meter is compatible with a range of isotropic and high-accuracy probes, allowing for precise electric and magnetic field measurements. It also complies with international standards and regulations, such as the European Directive 2013/35/EU and FCC/OSHA Safety Code 6. The included PC software enables data download, automatic reporting, and remote control, while firmware upgrades ensure continuous enhancement of capabilities. Trust the SMP3 to provide comprehensive and reliable EMF measurement solutions for various applications in automotive, railway, electromedicine, telecommunications, and more.