TE-5170 is the high volume environmental sampler for particulate matter for TSP measurement. High flow sampler between 35-44 cubic feet per minute, available in volumetric flow or mass flow.

  • Sampler for particulate material PM10 with US EPA approval.
  • High volume of 40 cfm
  • 8”x10” fiberglass filters
  • Available with brushed or brushless motor
  • Flow and pressure recorder
  • 7-day mechanical timer
  • Possibility of digital recorder and digital timer

The TSP high volume air sampler is an essential tool for collecting total suspended particulate matter in ambient air. This sampler has no size preference and is ideal for determining the concentration of total suspended particulates or identifying the particulates in the air.The sampler collects particulate matter at a flow rate between 40-60 ft/³min over a constant sampling period, and features an 8″x10″ fiberglass filter. It is US EPA approved as a PM10 sampler and comes with a flow and pressure logger and a 7-day mechanical timer. The sampler is available with a brushless motor or brushless, and an optional digital timer can be added for additional convenience.