TE-6070 – the Tisch Environmental PM10 High Volume Air Sampler is a reliable Federal Reference Method (FRM) instrument designed to collect ambient particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of 10µm or less. This sampler uses a size-selective inlet to ensure that only PM10 concentrations are deposited on the filter. With a flow rate of 36-60 ft³/min during a 24-hour sampling period, this high quality instrument is well suited for all ambient sampling installations. Tisch Environmental’s PM10 High Volume Air Sampler is designed to meet the guidelines outlined in 40 CFR Appendix J to Part 50 and is designated as a Federal Reference Method Sampler under Designation Number 0202-141. The sampler is equipped with a flow and pressure logger, a 7-day mechanical timer, and an optional digital timer for added convenience.

  • Sampler for particulate material PM10 with US EPA approval.
  • High volume of 40 cfm
  •  8”x10” microquartz filters
  •  Available with brushed or brushless motor
  • Flow and pressure recorder
  • 7-day mechanical timer
  •  Possibility of digital recorder and digital timer

Air samplers for environmental monitoring work by collecting samples of specific compounds from the air for later analysis and determination of air quality parameters. These samples must meet specific requirements to ensure that they are representative of the environment in which they are collected, and the instruments used to collect the sample must be designed with sample collection in mind. Environmental samplers can collect gases and particulates and must meet all collection requirements according to US EPA best practices. There are many different types of air samplers, including passive, active, high-volume, low-volume, real-time, and portable samplers. Each type of sampler has its own unique features and capabilities, so it is important to select the appropriate sampler for the specific application and requirements.