The Tisch Environmental 290 series marple personal cascade impactor is a multi-stage personal size selective device used for particle size distribution. It is designed to be worn by the worker and is available in 8-stage, 6-stage, and 4-stage configurations. The impactor is made of lightweight aluminum impaction stages weighing less than 7 ounces for ultimate comfort and limited user interference. It has a precision aerodynamic particle size distribution from 20 to 0.5 micrometers and a flow rate of 2.0 LPM. The personal cascade impactor can be used with a wide variety of commercial personal sample pumps and has an inlet design that prevents contamination and overloading of the first stage. There are multiple 34mm collection medias available and it is low cost and easy to operate. The 34mm sample substrates allow for easy handling and weighing with an analytical balance.