Chromatotec offers an online chromatograph for the continuous analysis of odor-causing sulfur compounds. The product utilizes a patented electrochemical cell-specific detection principle to measure compounds such as H2S, TRS, DMS, Mercaptans, and THT at both ppm and ppb levels. This chromatograph is ideal for use in a variety of industries, including fermentation processes, defense perimeters, deodorizing processes, wastewater treatment plants, refineries, petrochemicals, natural gas transportation lines, and more. The chromatograph features a robust metal capillary column and low maintenance, with a cycle time of 600 seconds for standard configuration. The product includes an integrated computer with a screen for data visualization, as well as dedicated VistaCHROM software for recording, viewing, and analyzing data. The chromatograph can be calibrated using permeation tubes or gas cylinders and offers optional 4-20 mA or Modbus outputs. Additionally, the product is compatible with optional nitrogen generators, zero air, and multiplexers.