The TS400 Test Station is designed for daily bump testing of G450 and G460 gas detectors. With automatic full function testing, the TS400 includes bump tests, extensive sensor tests and alarm tests with the ability to print official maintenance certificates. The station is also available as a charger and can store up to 2 million complete diagnostics. In addition, the TS400 comes complete with a USB interface cable and download software for easy data transfer. It can be connected to up to 1 CiGas Lindo and has an integrated demand regulator and automatic system purge. The TS400 provides a cost effective solution for gas detection verification testing.

TS400 is the automatic test station compatible with monitors for 4 and 6 gases of the G450 and G460 family of the GfG brand, providing data assurance and ensuring the correct functioning of the gas monitors during their operation. TS400 is a control tool that allows verification tests (Bump Test) to be carried out with the least expenditure of pattern gas and to prevent incorrectly functioning equipment from going out to the field. The station does its job autonomously checking multiple pieces of equipment with different gas configurations at the push of a button:

  • Automatic bump test station for use with GfG G450 and G460 models.
  • Allows verification tests (Bump Test), Response Time (T90), alarm activation verification, visual alarm verification and audible alarm.
  • Input for connection of up to 1 gas cylinder.
  • Integrated demand regulator and automatic system purge
  •  Allows automatic verification tests (Bump test) to gas monitors with data logging in external SD memory with unalterable data files.
  • Minimal use of calibration gas providing the lowest operating cost in the market.
  • Operation by AC current.
  • Generation of reports of all the equipment used in the station.