The DustTrak Environmental Monitor is a reliable air monitoring system that can accommodate DustTrak photometer models 8540 or 8543. It has the capability to provide real-time data, which enables quick response to exposure concerns. This system is built on proven DustTrak technology that has been trusted by thousands of people worldwide.

In addition to its early detection features, the DustTrak environmental monitor can also be deployed remotely and quickly, making it a valuable supplement to Federal Reference Method (FRM) data collection. Furthermore, it is on the pre-approved list of instruments for Rule 1466 by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, which confirms its high level of performance and reliability.

The DustTrak Environmental Monitor is a versatile instrument that can be used in various applications, including environmental consulting, engineering, construction, and emergency response. Its compatibility with a range of sensors allows it to measure not only dust but also VOCs, gases, wind speed, and more, making it an essential tool for environmental monitoring. In the construction industry, the DustTrak Environmental Monitor helps minimize downtime by providing real-time dust measurements, allowing project managers to keep their projects on track. In the aftermath of wildfires and other environmental disasters, emergency responders can use the monitor to quickly and accurately measure air pollution levels, providing them with actionable data to make informed decisions about deploying resources and personnel. With its real-time alerts sent directly to mobile devices, the DustTrak Environmental Monitor is an indispensable tool for environmental monitoring and management.