The VelociCalc® Multi-Function Ventilation Meter 9565 is a versatile instrument designed for various applications such as HVAC testing and balancing, clean room testing, biological safety cabinet and laboratory fume hood testing, HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting, IAQ investigations, thermal comfort studies, ventilation evaluations, and process air flow testing.

The 9565 comes with a user-friendly menu-driven interface with on-screen prompts and step-by-step instructions for easy operation and field calibration. The instrument has an ergonomic, over-molded case design with a probe holder and keypad lockout to prevent tampering during unattended use.

The 9565 model includes the Straight Air Velocity Probe 964 and is compatible with a wide range of plug-in probes. Other items included with the 9565 instrument are a static pressure probe, tubing, USB cable with LogDat2™ and TrakPro™ downloading software, hard carrying case, four alkaline batteries, operation and service manuals, and a calibration certificate.