This monitoring system is designed for the analysis of compounds associated with unpleasant odors. It utilizes the principles of gas chromatography and electrochemical detection and PID. This online chromatography system can analyze sulfur compounds, mercaptans, and VOCs to determine the olfactory impact of a mixture directly. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, including monitoring at wastewater treatment plants, refineries, petrochemicals, transport and gas processing sites, waste treatment plants, environmental monitoring, odor impact management and evaluation, TRS measurement, and measurement of offensive odors. The system has a detection limit of ppb or 50 UO E/m3 with an adjustable range up to 100 ppm or ppb. The cycle time, which depends on the application, is 600 seconds for the standard configuration. The robust high-resistance metal capillary column is compliant with standards such as DIN 51855/7, ISO 19739:2004, and ASTM D 7493-08, and there is the option of ATEX or CSA certification. The integrated computer has a screen for data visualization and instrument configuration, and the VistaCHROM dedicated software in the Windows-based internal computing hardware allows for data recording, calculation, recalculation, calibration, and information export. The system also has analog outputs 4-20 mA or modBus output (optional) and optional accessories such as nitrogen generators and zero air.