The AIO 2 Sonic Weather Sensor seems like a comprehensive and reliable weather sensor suitable for surface meteorological applications. It uses 2D sonic technology for wind speed and direction measurements, which provides reference grade accuracy without moving parts. The wind sensor has a built-in compass for automatic magnetic north alignment. The temperature and humidity sensors are integrated into a sealed module that is easy to calibrate in the field. The pressure element is precisely calibrated and temperature compensated for accurate performance.

The AIO 2 can also accept data from a tipping bucket rain gauge and a compatible solar radiation sensor, or both. It has a rugged all-metal housing, compact size, and multiple output options including SDI12, RS232, RS485, and Met One 7500 Protocol. It is also compatible with the Comet Cloud Modem 2 for remote data access.

Accessories for the AIO 2 include a USB and power interface, WeatherView software for real-time weather display and data recording on a PC, universal mounting hardware, and WMO compliant external tipping bucket rain gauge. The solar radiation sensors can be easily connected and integrated into the AIO 2 data record.