Introducing the WP10M Field Probe, a versatile instrument designed for precise electromagnetic field measurements in the frequency range of 1 Hz to 10 MHz. This field probe is capable of measuring both E (electric) and H (magnetic) fields, offering selective and broadband measurement capabilities. With its broad range of applications, the WP10M is ideal for various industries and sectors. It complies with international standards and regulations such as IEC/EN 62110 for energy, EN 50500 for railway, EN 50505 for welding, and EN 50519 for induction heating (LF). It is also suitable for applications in household appliances, RFID/EAS systems, medical equipment, research laboratories, electronic/electrical equipment, defense (LF), automotive, and more. The WP10M Field Probe provides reliable and accurate measurements to ensure compliance with safety standards and assess human exposure to electromagnetic fields.