Probe for measuring electric fields (E) in broadband in the range of 100 kHz-3GHz. Ideal for measurements in telecommunications applications (audit and certify telecommunications services such as GSM, 3G, LTE, FM among others), industry in general, defense (military installations with the presence of radars, antennas, or other sources), and laboratories for testing and research:

  • Isotropic and RMS probe with high sensitivity of 0.2 V / m and resolution up to 0.02 V / m
  • A frequency band of 100 kHz – 3 GHz with measuring range of 0.2-130 V / m (CW) and 0.2-20 V / m (RMS)
  • Accredited calibration ISO 17025 under ILAC
  • Compatible with SPM2 and MonitEM models of Wavecontrol