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Our Applications

Looking for solutions to address your occupational health, safety, and environmental challenges?

Explore our applications page to find the products and services that fit your needs. Inteccon offers a range of high-quality instruments and value-added products for air, water, soil, gas detection, and more.

Sound and vibration

Sound and vibration are two important aspects of the environment that can greatly impact our health and well-being. In many industrial and work settings, exposure to high levels of noise and vibration can cause a range of physical and mental health problems. This is why it’s crucial to understand the nature of sound and vibration, as well as the measures that can be taken to reduce the harmful effects of exposure.

work safety equipment

Occupational health and safety

Ensuring the health and safety of employees in the workplace is a critical aspect of any business operation. It is not only a legal obligation, but it also contributes to a positive work environment, increased employee morale, and reduced absenteeism.

Electromagnetic fields and radiations

This is a critical area of concern in today’s society as we are increasingly surrounded by devices that emit various forms of electromagnetic radiation. As a health and occupational safety expert, I recognize the potential risks of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation.

gas leak detector

Gas detection

The gas monitors are particularly useful in confined spaces, the petroleum industry, general industrial safety, and process leak detection. With the ability to create a controlled environment and improve worker safety, gas monitors have become indispensable in various industrial applications.

Air quality monitoring

Air quality monitoring is essential in maintaining the health and well-being of communities, as well as protecting the environment. The air we breathe can contain a variety of pollutants and gases, some of which are harmful to our health.

ventilation testing

Ventilation and critical space testing

Proper ventilation and air quality control are crucial for the health and safety of workers and occupants, as well as the overall productivity and efficiency of the facility. This category offers a wide range of products and services to help ensure that your critical spaces are properly ventilated and meet the necessary air quality standards.

Water quality

Water is an essential resource for all living things and human activities. However, the quality of water has become a major concern due to the impact of human activities on the environment. Various government agencies and environmental institutions have made it a priority to measure water quality and control pollution levels.