Get 24/7 access to your analyzer’s information with the Thermo Scientific™ iQ Series Gas Analyzer. The iQ Series Gas Analyzers are designed to continuously monitor gas concentrations with high precision and reliability. The Thermo Scientific™ 146iQ Multi-Gas Calibrator provides the same level of performance when calibrating ambient air analyzers. The 146iQ allows for automated, unattended calibration of up to six gas analyzers simultaneously, reducing calibration time and increasing efficiency.

Thermo Scientific™ iQ Series Gas Analyzer offers several features and benefits, including a two-year warranty, predictive diagnostics to address issues before they occur, 24/7 access to analyzer information, proactive communications through the iQ360 service and email alerts, and personal device connectivity through the iQ companion mobile device app. These features aim to provide a highly precise, yet tough solution for gas analysis, and to help users minimize troubleshooting time and take control of their day-to-day operations.