The Thermo Scientific™ iQ Series Gas Analyzers are designed to provide non-stop intelligence and help minimize troubleshooting time with a highly precise and durable solution. The Thermo Scientific™ 146iQ Multi-Gas Calibrator is an important component of the iQ Series, providing the same level of performance when calibrating ambient air and other gas monitoring instrumentation. The 146iQ generates traceable calibration gas standards and is suitable for calibrating instruments that perform zero, precision, Level 1 span checks, audits, and multi-point routines in accordance with US EPA requirements. This enables accurate and reliable gas monitoring, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. With the iQ Series Gas Analyzers, you can also enjoy 24/7 access to your analyzer’s information, proactive communication through iQ360 and email alerts, and personal device connectivity via the iQ companion mobile app. Plus, the iQ Series Gas Analyzers come with a two-year warranty, giving you added peace of mind.